What is the HERS Index

February 6, 2017 Posted by: admin

As with every industry, the new construction world is full of buzz words.  If you are shopping for new construction you will hear a lot of them.  In my attempt to help buyers cut through the fog of marketing hype, I am providing some clarity.  One of the buzz words you will hear is the […]

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New Construction Timetable

December 9, 2016 Posted by: admin

 Unlike buying an existing resale home, there are several timing considerations when looking at new construction.  In some cases you will be able to visit a community and they will have “spec” (short for speculative) homes to evaluate.  These are homes that the builder has already chosen the features and finishes of the home and […]

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Should I get pre-approved

December 3, 2016 Posted by: admin

Pre-approval from a reputable lender is a must  The process of reaching out to a lender and getting pre-approved for your new mortgage is actually one of the most important steps in the home buying process.  A pre-approval letter from a reputable mortgage company is one of the most important tools you can have in […]

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New Construction Myth #1

Posted by: admin

Myth: You can get a price reduction from the builder by not having a Realtor This is the most common misconception in the new home buying process.  Buyers assume that if they walk into the builder’s “sales office” that they are buying directly from the builder and getting a better deal. The simple truth is […]

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RMLS & New Construction

September 8, 2016 Posted by: admin

As a new construction home buyer, you will no doubt be interfacing with the Regional Multiple Listing Service (RMLS) at some point.  This RMLS database is a detailed breakdown of every home for sale in Clark County.  There are literally hundreds of categories to search by ranging from the basics like Number of Bedrooms, to […]

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